We dream that one day we will be able to enjoy totally clean and affordable sources of energy when we move away from fossil fuel and other similar polluting energies which currently run our cars, homes and businesses. We believe that within the next 20 years or so, this will be a reality. In the mean time, shouldn't we also believe in extracting these same fossil fuels WITHOUT polluting our natural resources? Annsca's patented technology brings that dream into reality. With our new innovative solutions we deliver both a cleaner extraction process and add circa 5% added yield to each Gas, Oil and Geothermal well.

What We Offer

Our primary purpose is to preserve crystal clear water

Ecological solutions at a reasonable cost

Maintenance available 24/7

The WAPPS system contains recyclable organic formulation products

New, environmentally friendly way to extract natural gas and Coal Seam Gas (CSG).

Clean extraction of fossil fuel energy