Interview with Romolo (Director)

My team and I are well aware that every innovation MAY BE viewed with skepticism, challenged or even worse, denigrated. At Annsca we just concentrate our efforts on more about the benefits that my solution will provide. This project has been my life for more than four years now,and I personally believe that it is important that any project must have the right team and deliver what the industry really needs. ” A method of extracting resources without harm to the environment.”

Knowing that once our patented product has been certified and proven to be effective as an environmentally safe method for extraction,  I believe the industry as a whole will accept Annsca’s WAPPS (Water-Air Pollution Prevention System) technology thus abandoning any criticism.Then hydrocarbon companies together with Governments across the globe will want to ensure that this technology is imposed for the very protection of our eco-system.

 I will dedicate some of my gains to disabled children and other charity organizations.