Meet Our Team

Romolo Bertani

Director. Romolo has 25 years experience in R&D across many engineering fields and inventor of many successful patented products.

Amir Moezzi

Dr Amir Moezzi is Annsca's Chief Engineer. He holds a PhD in Nanotechnology and Chemical Engineering. He oversees all projects in the company

Eng. Roger Swarz Black

40 years extensive experience across different industries. Expert troubleshooter in complex systems and is the liaison for public and industrial relations.


Drilling Engineer with 10 years of experience specialising in Oil and Gas Well design.

Eng. John Konkolewitz

40 years experience in industrial design, covers a variety of disciplines including machinery, equipment installation, factory layouts, mining and structural.

Eng. Peter Chin

Structural and Quality Manager- Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Oil & Gas ( Shell Australia) Esso Production, Petronas Gas and Austrian Energy & Environment-Fracking gas filtration development - LNG Water Treatment -Air Pollution Control Wastewater Treatment

Dr. Gian Paolo Droli

Chief Geologic Department-Hydro Geologist UE. Certified-Ecole des Mines De Paris Gian Paolo has a 25 years experience in Deep Drilling, Fracking, and difficult perforation procedures

Eng. Carlo Costamagna

Years of thermodynamic experiences.Carlo has been responsible for many Oil & Gas projects on oil platforms

Matthew Lai

Information Technology and Quality Management Systems (ISO) Manager

David Calgaro

Civil Eng

Pat Costa

Legal Department