Annsca Group Statement Release and Media
First JV is underway for the first productive gas well
August 2018
– Well #1 Completed.. Mission accomplished


July 2018
Italy Well #1
After 6 weeks, the construction of the first well with Annsca’s WAPPS modules is now finished and ready for the last test

May 30 2018

Next step:

1- First well due to be completed in August 2018

2- IPO in  October 2018


March 15,2017
New overseas contract negotiation underway

January 3 2017

New agreement with PT.UNIPRO MANDIRI


January 16,2017
ISO 9001/2015

Annsca has started the procedure to be certified ISO 9001/2015.The Company Board decision, come after consideration that today, any major Company has to be in-line, and offer to his client a service that complain to the highest expectation and performance. This will ensure that the Quality Management Systems just adopted, work to improve the business.



November 25,2016

Annsca has just signed the first contract with an important Italian Geothermal Company to perform from 2017 new Geothermal wells located in Italy who will adopt Annsca System technology.

ADVANCE GEOTHERMAL APRILIA 4.0 is the first business partner for this important game changer new technology.